Budget Cuts Impact on Mental Health

The Governor’s proposed FY13 budget cuts to the state Medicaid program results in substantial cuts to mental health services.  If implemented, the proposed cuts will do severe harm to persons with mental illnesses, their families, and communities.  The Mental Health Summit recognizes the State’s severe budget crisis.  However, the Mental Health Summit opposes cuts to programs that overall save the State and taxpayers money. To find out how the budget cuts will effect mental health visit us here.


One thought on “Budget Cuts Impact on Mental Health

  1. We,the people,who suffer from mental illnesses are dying and suffering greatly from the effects of the cruel budget cuts. Many of us do not have access to a telephone to request
    help to meet our basic needs.When we can ask too often the answer is no or ask
    someone else and from the next person the reply is often no, that is sadly just how it is.
    How is it ,and why is it o.k., that ,we the people,who have a mental illness are treated in
    such an oh humane way?
    My experiences with the legal advocacy groups which are paid to represent our legal
    rights has been the same as with my efforts to find help with basic needs.
    I have experienced this effect for forty-six years.
    I am not going away, my brothers and sisters are not going away
    Like rock and roll, we are here to stay.
    We, the people, who suffer from mental illnesses also have human rights and although
    the General Assembly and the Governor may have forgotten that fact, we have not.
    Also we still can vote, at least I think so I plan to vote.

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