Urgent Action Item–Reinvest savings from closing Tinley Park and Singer MHCs

We need YOUR help to protect mental health needs in Illinois! Tinley Park Mental Health Center closed in July and Singer Mental Health Center will close on October 31. The Governor’s administration plans to strip the mental health community of over $9 million in savings from the closures, despite requirements of law that these savings be reinvested in alternative mental health services. This is unacceptable. It will harm our fellow Illinois residents who are in desperate need for continued mental health services and in turn harm our communities. YOU can protect our friends and community members who depend on these services. Urge your state legislators to tell Governor Quinn that he cannot drain $9 million from mental health services.

Make a difference by taking three easy steps:

1.   Find the addresses for your state legislators here.

2.   Download the attached letter template and fill in your information.

3.   Mail your letters.

It’s that easy to make a difference! Learn more about this issue by viewing our memorandum.

Letter Template – Protect Mental Health in Illinois


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