The Affordable Care Act in Illinois–Updated 2/22/14

Action item:  Continue to encourage everyone to enroll in either the Medicaid expansion program or one of the new health insurance polices mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Here is a link to the Illinois enrollment website.


  • Just as there is no health without mental health, there is no mental health without health.  The mental health system in Illinois and across the country is broken in part because our healthcare system is broken.  Despite our wealth, the United States trails most industrialized countries in health outcomes and spends more money than these countries for this bad result.  Every year we spend more money and fall further behind.  In the most recent World Health Organization rankings, the United States is now 37th, behind even such less well off countries as Morocco
  • While mental health policies made by our state government are extremely important, they exist in the context of the larger national picture.  That picture includes Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance and the fact that there are 50 million American without health insurance and many more who are underinsured.
  • Health insurance in the United States is commonly tied to employment.  Unfortunately, a large percentage of persons with serious mental illnesses are unemployed.  Thus, a disproportionate percentage of the 50 million uninsured in Illinois and the rest of the United States are persons with serious mental illnesses.
  • Among the reasons why many people are uninsured is that insurance companies frequently deny coverage to persons with pre-existing health conditions.  Because serious mental illnesses are often chronic conditions which often have a relatively early onset, these conditions often disqualify persons who have them from health insurance coverage
  • Congress has passed an extremely complicated healthcare reform bill-the Affordable Care Act.
  • There is an effort underway in Congress to repeal or substantially amend the Affordable Care Act.
  • On July 29, 2010 Governor Quinn signed  Executive Order #10-12 creating the Health Care Reform Implementation Council.  Comments and suggestions may be provided to the Council on its website.
  • In August, 2011, CMS announced a competitive grant program to allow free-standing private pyschiatric hospitals to provide emergency care to Medicaid recipients. (This was previously prohibitted under the “IMD” exclusion.
  • Each state is required to create a health insurance exchange by October, 2013.  Illinois recently enacted Public Act 97-0142 creating the Health Benefits Exchange Commission.   The Commission’s members include Senators Haine, Noland, Steans, Brady, Jones and Syverson and Representatives Davis, Harris, Mautino, Osmond, Sacia and Senger.  This Commission will hold public hearings and develop legislation to implement this aspect of federal heatlhcare reform.  Click here for a detailed analysis of health insurance exchanges.  Click here for the federal rules governing health insurance exchanges.  
  • Illinois has elected to take advantage of the Federally subsidized Medicaid expansion program which covers persons up to 138 % of the poverty level.

Resources on Healthcare Reform

Detailed information about implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Illinois, including enrollment. 

Recording of Healthcare Reform Implementation Council meeting January 16, 2014

Federal Health Care Reform website

Current Informattion about Healthcare Reform from the Kaiser Family Foundation

“What’s In There: The New Health Reform Law and Medicare”  Alliance for Health Reform (5/7/10)

“Key Provisions that Take Effect Immediately”   Office of the  Speaker of the House (April, 2010)

“Healthcare Reform Implementation Timeline”  House Committee on Ways and Means

“The New Health Reform Law and Medicaid”  Alliance for Health Reform (4/23/10)

“What’s In There:  The New Health Reform and Private Insurance”  Alliance for Health Reform (4/30/10)

“Parsing the New Law on Long Term Care”  New York Times (5/3/10)

“Financing New Medicaid Coverage Under Health Reform”  Kaiser Family  Foundation (May, 2010)

Healthcare Reform is Expected to Reduce Healthcare Disparities”  Chicago Department of Health (October, 2010)

“State Reforum” website tracks state implementation of healthcare reform

“Report of the Governor’s Healthcare Reform Council (March 1, 2011)

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